Recent advances in natural language processing, along with the increased availability of data and computing resources, have dramatically improved our ability to process language data with computers. Yet for many researchers in other fields, it isn’t always straightforward how to apply these tools in practice. I enjoy helping people apply NLP tools to answer questions they care about.

Through D-Lab, I offer free consulting on natural language processing and Python to UC Berkeley’s community. Broadly, if you’re working on a project involving natural language data (text or speech), I’m happy to help. Concretely, I can help with:

To get help for your project

If you’d like consultation for a project, please submit a consulting request through the D-Lab here.

When you do so, you’ll be asked to write some background information about your project. It’s helpful for me if you can include the information below. It’s ok to leave some of them blank if you’re unsure.

When we meet, it’ll take me some time to make sure I understand your project and its goals. After that, we’ll jointly design some solutions to your problems. Often, this can take more than one meeting.

I want to empower researchers with the knowledge and skills required for the projects they work on. To that end, I rarely write code during consultations other than to illustrate ideas that we talk about. If you’d like to collaborate more heavily on a project, including me writing code, I’m happy to talk about this during our meeting.

If you find my guidance useful and publish work on your project, it’d be great to be mentioned in the acknowledgement section.